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Some more design projects
Burra town square concept.jpg

Building curtilages


Alexander Urbanism designs building curtilages, both within the lot boundary and in the adjacent public realm.

​For example, Alexander Urbanism recently completed a concept plan for the landscaping around a large apartment building, including the footpaths on two boundaries.  The design was based around retention of a magnificent large Eucalypt.  The soil levels needed to be maintained around the tree, and this created challenges for pedestrian access.  The paving materials and pattern, while based on a council standard used nearby, was adapted to accommodate the drainage needed.

Port Lincoln streetscapes

In the early 2000's, Nathan Alexander led a team that prepared concept designs and costings for seven central streets in Port Lincoln. The challenge was to improve pedestrian conditions in the retail centre while maintaining heavy goods vehicle movement.  This was achieved through a cost-effective package of works which could be implemented over several years. 

Burra town square


Burra is an historic town in the mid-north of South Australia.  The square is the town's central public space, dominated by roadways and traffic. 

Nathan Alexander prepared a concept plan for the redevelopment of the square which minimized road space, fostered pedestrian access to the shops and historic monuments, and slowed through-traffic. 

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