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The Design Review Group's portal system takes off!

The Design Review Group launched its portal system for developer approvals in 2020. It was quickly recognised as industry leading. DRG is now working on fifteen estates with a total of over 5000 lots.

The DRG’s estates include the Pask Group’s Bankside, all of Pask’s other Victorian estates, and Development Victoria’s Taylors Quarter.  We’re currently setting up design review portals for three estates on Melbourne’s outskirts, and one in Ballarat.

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A Design Review Group portal gives you an up-to-the-minute management overview of an estate’s developer approvals.

Each estate has its own portal where users apply for developer approval.  Each portal is accessed through a link on the estate’s home page.  See the Bankside link at the bottom of this page

Builders, lot owners and designers find useful documents on the portal, such as building envelopes, MCPs and soil reports.  Lot owners see a customised list of the design standards that apply to their lot.  Builders can check the progress of multiple applications. 


Nathan Alexander

Director, Alexander Urbanism

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