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Our services for


Our services for

Places managers

and facility managers 

Our services for

Planners and regulators

  • Estate master plans

  • Large site layout plans

  • Concept design of streets, plazas and parks

  • Design brief preparation and tender assessment

  • Design management

  • Design guidelines

  • Design advice for development applications

  • Urban design comments reports

  • Expert evidence

  • Peer review of master plans and layout plans

  • Master planning

  • Master plan peer reviews

  • Design brief preparation and tender assessment

  • Design management

  • Design standards

  • Streetscape concept plans

  • Plaza concept plans

  • Technical notes

  • Peer review of designs

  • Urban design frameworks

  • Public space use analysis

  • Design policy preparation

  • Design policy review

  • Strategy plans

  • Design guidelines

  • Design studies

  • Structure plans

  • Pre-application design discussions

  • Design assessment of proposals

  • Expert evidence

  • Review of regulations

Our clients


Our clients range from first-time individuals to very experienced executives.  Private developers such as the GPT Group and government organisations such as the City of Melbourne can choose consultants from around the world to help them; we are pleased they have chosen Alexander Urbanism.   


We work to really know each client, and to understand what they need.  We deliver the agreed product to the agreed scope at the agreed time - or do better.   As a result, we enjoy strong repeat business.


We deliberately work closely with both public and private clients.  Our understanding of what the public sector wants helps us obtain development approvals.  Our understanding of what the private sector wants helps us shape public strategies and controls.  Working for both sectors sharpens our commercial instincts, keeps us politically pragmatic, and creates better places.


If you want to know how well we have assisted clients like you, ask us and we'll put you in touch with some of them.

Our key expertise is the planning, designing and assessment of the urban public realm.  Our clients call the type of work we do strategic planning, master planning and urban design.  Our project work has titles such as:


Concept plan            Master plan        Structure plan        Strategy plan            Design framework  

Design guidelines     Design brief       Peer review            Expert evidence       Quality audit

At the small scale we work on streets, plazas and the siting and exterior design of buildings.  At the larger scale we work on town centres, neighbourhoods and estates. We design new neighbourhoods.  We love helping existing neighbourhoods become better. We really love turning good streets and squares into great ones. And we especially love working up town centre public realms until they buzz.

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