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Nathan Alexander


Tel: +61 401 998 269

Nathan Alexander has been passionate about design since 1977, and urbanism since 1986.  He is an expert in conceiving and implementing change in the urban public environment, using the skills he has honed in project management, strategic planning, master planning and urban design.  With over 30 years experience, including senior management and director roles in the private sector and government, Nathan is able to offer professional expertise, service and advice to developers, regulators and policy makers alike.  Nathan has formal qualifications in urban design, landscape architecture and business administration.  

Nathan has been consulting since 1995, when he founded Alexander Urban Design, the predecessor to Alexander Urbanism.  He left consulting in 2002 to become a director of Planning SA, the South Australian Government's planning agency.  In 2007 he accepted the challenge of establishing a government planning agency for the emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

His career highlights include:

  • Winning the Australia Award for Urban Design for A Distinct Advantage, the world's first metropolitan-wide urban design framework;

  • Conceiving Places for People, central Melbourne 1994, a study of public spaces and public life, then leading the research team and writing the report;

  • Being Founding Director of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, the government planning agency;

  • Design of the Bourke Street Mall, central Melbourne;

  • Conceiving of and advocating for the conversion of Camberwell Junction from six legs to a standard four-way intersection, and the reuse of the other two legs as public space.

Nathan has been fortunate to study or work with great urban designers - Kevin Lynch, Jan Gehl, Ian Bentley and Rob Adams.  As well as the planning and design of cities, he enjoys road cycling, reading histories, and bushwalking with his family.

Sue-Lynne Lee

Sue-Lynne Lee

Urban Designer

Tel: +61 403 081 838

Sue-Lynne is an urban designer whose multidisciplinary training and experience allow her to work across contexts and scales. Sue-Lynne's collaborative approach integrates urban design, landscape, and architecture. In all of her work, Sue-Lynne places particular emphasis on understanding and building upon the complex interrelationship of environments and the design's users.​As an accomplished urban designer with ten years' experience in the field of urban planning and urban design, her key area of expertise includes urban design, urban planning, strategic planning and landscape design.​Before she joined Alexander Urbanism, she completed many projects in China and the Middle East.

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We solve real problems. Each place is unique so each solution is unique. We provide a highly personalised service, with our process customised for each client.

On each project, we consider the site, the physical context, the current and potential human users, client objectives, timing and financial value.  When relevant, we also take into account regulations, policies, social issues, politics, resource use and wider environmental considerations.

We look, analyse, listen, we build rapport, we exchange knowledge and we discuss ideas.  Then we work up one or more design options. We create a vision for the future of a place and help achieve agreement on it. As needed, we design details. When appropriate, we help prepare an implementation strategy.

Our work is just a small part in the creation of any urban environment. We work with developers, regulators, residents and other stakeholders. We also collaborate with lots of other expert consultants. We enjoy these relationships, and recognise that it is only through them that we can achieve our client's objectives and great places.

How we work

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