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Design assessment of development applications

Alexander Urbanism assists local government statutory planners to decide on development applications. We assess the urban design implications of development applications, recommend if they comply with the planning scheme, and if not, what can be changed to make them comply. Over the years we've assessed almost the full range of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. We've recently completed urban design assessments of a major mixed-use residential and commercial proposal, a major residential development centred on a heritage building, and a five-storey apartment building.

East elevation.JPG
We assess all types of development proposals for their impact on the public realm, such as this apartment building.  [Image: David Watson]
Plus Architecture proposal 2.JPG
The City of Whitehorse asked Alexander Urbanism to assess the urban design implications of this major mixed use development proposal..  [Image: Plus Architecture]
Forest Ridge indicative street setback s
Alexander Urbanism assessed a major residential infill project, and as part of that, proposed a revised street setback.
4+4 envelope.PNG
When useful, Alexander Urbanism models proposed building envelopes to assess the likely visual impacts.
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