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Developer approvals

When a greenfields estate is literally green fields, how can the developer provide certainty to prospective purchasers that their investment will be protected from the neighbour building an eyesore? The answer - require designs to comply with a set of design controls, then ensure that construction complies with the approved designs.

​Alexander Urbanism provides developer approvals for residential and business estates. We provide a complete service, from the preparation of the design guidelines through to the auditing of completed development and enforcement. We have also provided 'design advisors' at an estate sales office, explaining design controls to prospective home buyers and providing them with design advice.

​We're very applicant-responsive, with very fast turn-around. While at its simplest design assessment can be a box-ticking exercise, more often than not we exercise discretion in interpreting often ambiguous controls and in considering exemptions. In 2017 we won a Planning Institute award for our developer approval service.

​We ensure design controls are tailored to the marketing and design vision of each estate. With our design expertise and assessment experience, we prepare design controls that are appropriate for each estate. We keep a register for each estate of all applications and every approval and wavier granted. We audit finished construction to uphold the controls, and follow through with enforcement. That keeps faith with owners and gives prospects faith that the estate's design vision will be realised.

​We do the fiddly and time-consuming design assessment work. That lets our client's development manager concentrate on project management.

Valley Lake Lot 707 perspective.jpg
Valley Lake is Development Victoria's up-market infill estate at Keilor East.  Alexander Urbanism has provided developer approval services there for years. [Image: Sync Design Pty Ltd]
Alexander Urbanism provides developer approval services to numerous first-home buyer estates.
excellence sample of landscape plan.jpg
Alexander Urbanism has in-house landscape architects who expertly assess landscape plans.
Alexander Urbanism has assessed all development at Logis Eco-Industrial Estate, an award-winning business park in Dandenong South, since 2012.  [Image: Stephen D'Andrea Pty Ltd].
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