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Development advocacy

Alexander Urbanism assists developers and their architects to optimise the mix of positive and negative effects a proposed development has on the public realm to gain development approval. 

​We work with the design team for each proposal to achieve an appropriate contribution to the adjoining streets and neighbours. We offer best value when brought in at the earliest stage of project planning. With our understanding of neighbourhood character and local government policies and processes, we can advise how a proposal can best comply with the planning scheme's urban design requirements. We typically help shape the building's form; the appearance of facades; the interface of the ground floor and podium with adjacent streets; and improvements to those streets.

​After resolution of the design, we prepare an urban design statement for submission as part of the town planning application, and can present the proposal to officers and decision makers of the regulatory authority.

​Our clients use this service because they stand to gain extra floorspace, reduced development costs and quicker approval times. Our art is to advise on the full range of options for public realm benefits, the comparative cost to the developer of each option, and to suggest the best-value mix to get the proposal across the line. Our judgement is constantly honed by working for regulatory authorities as well as for development proponents.

CE tower.JPG
Alexander Urbanism works with clients such as Central Equity on major buildings to optimise the development's effects on the public realm.  [Image: Guilford Bell Architects]
7.  Wantirna.jpg
Alexander Urbanism's advice transformed the form and architectural expression of this apartment building.  [Image: Petridis Architects]  
West elevation.JPG
Alexander Urbanism suggested changes to this inner-urban infill townhouse development to make iit more contextual.  [Image: YBL Remmus]
Foote Street hero.JPG
Alexander Urbanism provided an urban design report supporting the design of this apartment building as appropriate to its outer suburban context.  [Image: Light Green Architecture]
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