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Federation Square

Federation Square opened in 2002, and has become an internationally recognised symbol of Melbourne.  It is probably the best used public space in central Melbourne - in 2011 it had over ten million visits.

Fed Square Pty Ltd (FSPL) manages Federation Square as Melbourne’s most dynamic and vibrant public space.  After its first decade of use, FSPL wished to consider improvements for the next ten years.  It engaged Alexander Urbanism to propose ideas for the outdoor spaces.

Alexander Urbanism set six objectives to be achieved:

  • A more comfortable plaza

  • A more verdant Fed Square

  • Thriving plants

  • Integrated character of the plaza and the riverside terrace

  • Better use of space

  • Views from the plaza to the Yarra River


We proposed over fifty ideas for improvement, with eight ‘top actions’.  FSPL plans to implement these through to 2022.

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