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Places for People, Melbourne City 1994

While working at the City of Melbourne, Nathan Alexander recognised a need to quantify the use of central Melbourne's public space and to evaluate their experiential quality.  This would allow the City to measure improvements in the public realm and to compare its results with other cities.   

Nathan undertook a study in collaboration with Professor Jan Gehl of Denmark, using his methodology.  

The published study won a Victorian Local Government Planning Association award.  The surveys were repeated and expanded in 2004 and 2014. 

"Nathan Alexander had the foresight to see the need to collect and publish our data, introduced us to Jan Gehl and  initiated and led the 1994 Places for People study.  The City is still reaping the benefits."  Professor Rob Adams, AM, Director, City Design Division, City of Melbourne

Stationary activities at lunchtime, measured at nine central city locations.
Ground floor frontage quality, simplified.
Retail land use
Download the report here: 
'Places for People: Central Melbourne 1994
Total number of people engaged in stationary activities, weekdays, measured at nine central city locations.
Retailing opening onto public spaces.
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