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A pedestrian heart for Camberwell

Camberwell Junction is a distinctive major traffic intersection at one end of Camberwell’s town centre.  Alexander Urbanism, working in collaboration with the Martyn Group, transport planners, developed a design idea to significantly improve the function and quality of the Junction.

We propose to convert Camberwell Road on either side of the Junction into pedestrian space, leaving a simpler four-way intersection for motorists. Camberwell Road north of the intersection would become a quality social space and a new pedestrian heart for the town centre. It would be the place to go in Camberwell to meet friends and to enjoy a meal. Camberwell Road south of the intersection would become a tram superstop. The changes would provide safety and access improvements for people on foot, on bicycle, in trams and in private motor vehicles.

Our proposal is a proof-of-concept to encourage discussion; to take this further will require detailed design work and cost estimates.

Further information:

"Melbourne's Own Times Square?"

(466 KB) From The Age

Summary article (2 MB)

Full article (7MB)

Transport analysis (Martyn Group)

Figure 2 Indicative design for the north
Figure 3  The proposed concept.jpg
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